Monday, August 22, 2016

InspiredCases Phone Case

Inspired Cases offers a variety of super cool cases for a variety of phones and mobile devices! They are now my go to company for all my case needs. Ordering is easy and shipping is fast. I received mine in a few days. The cases provided great protection for your phone and since using I'm not seeing any signs of wear or tear on the case or my phone! Y'all go check them out! Since I'm in the cosmetology industry I chose the beauty case. I was sent the product in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, May 2, 2016

ESQUE Micellar Water Makeup Remover + Cleanser

I was excited for the opportunity to try this makeup remover. I have never tried micellar water makeup remover and cleanser before. I have always used face wash and soaps to remove make up and cleanse my face. I'm must say I am impressed with the Esque Micellar Water. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed and a little goes a long ways. I love it and I plan on using in from now on. I love that it doesn't dry my skin out and keeps it hydrated. The packaging is so nice and pretty. I was sent the product in exchange for my honest review.

18K White Gold Plated Classic Studs

I have two sets of holes in my ears so I had been on the look out for a pair of nice earrings for my top set of holes. When I initially saw this pair I fell in love with them instantly. This pair of earrings are so elegant, sophisticated and classy. I love them they go with any outfit and really stands out. The earrings are well designed and put together. They are so reasonable and would make perfect gifts for any occasion such as Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Graduations or just because gifts. I highly recommend the earrings and like I said they would make a wonderful gift. I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Hair Cutting Set

I love this set I have used it a few times already and it works so well. This set is perfect for individuals who cut their own hair and family members hair. It gives you perfect cuts with no mistakes. The set comes with everything you need for a perfect hair cut. The set is reasonably priced and the products are of great quality if you had to go out and purchase each piece separately you would be paying out a lot. But with this set you get everything you need it one set.
With the Bellesentials Hair Cutting Kit, you'll receive:
- Pair of smooth blade hair cutting scissors for removing length, trimming and cutting layers
- Pair of textured blade thinning sheer hair cutting scissors for layering and adding texture to hairstyles
- Straight edge tool for cutting bangs perfectly straight
- Curved tool for cutting the back of your hair neatly and adding layers with the perfect curve
I was sent the product in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Raise Armpit Stain Remover

The Raise Armpit Stain Remover has really been and laundry saver. Some shirts have terrible stains and I have tried to bleach them but ended up ruining them. The Raise Armpit Stain Remover lifts the stains right out. If you have previously treated your stains with bleach this Raise Armpit Stain Remover won't work, but if you haven't the Raise Armpit Stain Remover will work wonders on your stained clothes. I wish I had know about this product earlier because I could have saved a lot of shirts by using this. Since I have now discovered this product I can now Say Goodbye To Armpit Stains! RAISE is the first stain remover made to treat and to eliminate discolored sweat stains in clothing. The product works on all types of perspiration stains including ring around the collar, underarm stains and overall gray dinginess. RAISE is best used by pre treating the entire stain, rubbing together (or using a small brush) and letting it sit for 15-20 minutes before laundering. Or if you wanted to brighten your whites add 1/4 cup of RAISE to your laundry (1st fill your washer with water then add).  Click the link here to find out more and purchasing Raise Armpit Stain Remover. I was sent the product in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bamboo Toothbrush with Soft Bristles

I absolutely love my bamboo toothbrush. I have to brush my teeth after I eat so I take my toothbrush everywhere so that I can even brush my teeth while on the go. When I pull my toothbrush out I instantly get compliments and questions about where I got it. The toothbrush is so unique and neat looking. I love that it is eco friendly and made of bamboo. The toothbrush last just as long as regular toothbrushes. I was sent the soft bristles toothbrush it cleans my teeth well and the bristles are soft. The toothbrush is reasonably priced and well worth every penny and more. I highly recommend the Woobamboo toothbrushes and dental care. I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shower Bouquet Lace Mesh Shower Poufs/Sponges XL

Lace Mesh Shower Poufs
I absolutely cannot take a shower without my shower poufs! I normally go to my local stores and buy them and if I'm not vacation and realized that I have forgotten one of my poufs I immediately go to a store and get one. This brand is a amazing I have had and used many different poufs but none like these. These poufs are so big and soft. My other poufs are small and kind of scratchy, but this one feels wonderful on my skin and I can't believe how large they are. The poufs comes four in a pack which is a plus and they last a long time. They are well worth the price and the price isn't even bad. I plan on buying more to stock up because this is now my favorite brand of shower poufs.  I love the colors they are so feminine, but men you can use the poufs also. I was sent the product in exchange for y honest review.